Taunton Flower Show – Day 3 of the build


How different day 3 was to day 2! Yesterday we did’nt seem to get much done, just finished the fence on the other side and completed the deck and made safe.

Today Martin Preston from Dorsert Perennials arrived with car and trailer full of beautiful perennials and a young lad (Terry) on work experience. As soon as Martin opened the trailer doors we could see the garden would soon transform from a building site! Rob & Martin quickly got to work filling the garden. Terry was very helpful and obliging and made a good runner and fixer. We all made a good team. Lots of positive comments from our fellow competitors and TauntonFS committee members which was encouraging.


Just a few things to finish off tomorrow, but you can be sure they will take all day! Quite excited about the Taunton Flower Show  should be a good day out.